Initiatives & Events

The Anti-IF Campaign proposes several initiatives to promote its objectives.

Anti-IF University Tour

The objective of the Anti-IF Tour is to promote the use of good programming techniques by students.

We are offering a half-day of free events to universities which will be held on campus. These events are free, with the only cost to the university being a partial reimbursement of expenses to help cover some of the costs required to put on the event.

Participation by universities is based upon request. To propose your university as a candidate for the Tour, an email must be sent by a professor or other official staff member of the university to:

In selecting which universities to include in the Tour, preference will be given to universities demonstrating the greatest interest in our initiative. Therefore, please be sure to include why you are interested in holding our event at your school, how you intend to promote the event, how many students are expected to participate, the age range of participants, and their level of preparation.

If you would like more information before submitting your university, please send an email to

Your Worst Code for Better Software 2011

The Anti-IF Campaign participated at Better Software 2011!

Code Recruitment 2.0

The first and most well-known initiative of the Anti-IF Campaign evolves into its second version. Click here for more information.