Have you ever wondered how IFs impact your code?

Avoid dangerous IFs and use Objects to build a code that is flexible, changeable and easily testable, and will get rid of a lot of headaches and weekends spent debugging!

Share how to write effective code the easy way!

What Is the Anti-IF Campaign?

The goal of the Anti-IF Campaign is to raise awareness of effective use of software design principles and practices, first of all removing bad, dangerous IFs.

The Campaign accomplishes this by:

Sponsored by FC Garage

In order to provide all of these amazing things and keep them free of charge, the Anti-IF Campaign relies on funding provided by FC Garage, which invests part of the income it receives from its professional services business directly to the Campaign.

Why Was It Started?

The Campaign started in 2007 from Francesco Cirillo’s idea:

“Lots of teams want to be agile, but have difficulty cutting down code complexity. Let's begin with something concrete: Knowing how to use objects in such a way that enables developers to eliminate bad IFs, those that most often compromise software's flexibility and ability to evolve. Let's start with these!”

You can find more info about the Campaign here.

Who Is It For?

  • Developers (Junior and Senior)
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Leaders
  • Software Quality Assurance Team Members